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Ayurveda has a number of different ways of enabling plant substances to be enhanced in their concentration and efficacy. Depending on the part of the plant used, the technique could vary. Roots are treated in one way – aerial parts in another. In the instance of Bacopa Monierra in the MemorX formula, the following UNIQUE techniques are used in the preparation of the final components of Bacopa.

  • MemorX is a combination of five different herbs.

  • The greater % age of more potent extract of the herb used.

  • Memorx ingredients herbs are high quality wild crafted (No herbicides and No pesticides).

  • MemorX ingredients herb have been used for over 4000 years and proved themselves over that time.

  • MemorX quality is controlled by thin layer chromatography

1. Bacopa powder

In this regard Bacopa monierra leaves are selected by gas liquid chromatography fingerprinting of the bacoside A and bacoside B constituents of the plant. Only those batches that have above a certain critical level of Bacoside A and Bacoside B are selected for use in the formula. The leaves of these batches are then sun dried and reduced to a powder.

Why is high percentage of Bacosides A and B in the MemorX formula significant ?

  • Bacosides A and B induce Nitric Oxide (NO) production in the brain.

  • NO improves circulation  and oxygen delivery  to the brain by causing vasodilation.

  • NO helps the brain make greater number of interneural connection (neuroplasticity).

  • NO is an important molecule in the brain-enhances or recruits different neuron groups that are not synaptically connected.

  • NO improves processing capacity and computational capacity of the brain.

2. Bacopa extract

With regard to this,  the bacopa powder is taken through a concentration process. Powdered bacopa is made into a solution with given ratios of powder and water (these ratios are defined in an Ayurvedic text ) and is called a kwath.

The kwath is concentrated down to 1/3 the original volume by slow boiling. This Kwath is then sprayed onto bacopa powder and left to sun dry in stainless steel drying trays. This dried/sprayed preparation is then again sprayed with the concentrated kwath. This is a critical part of the process and can only be achieved with sunlight. Artificial heat (such as drying ovens) does not achieve the same outcome. This is repeated 10 times. The final preparation now highly concentrated by the interaction of the actives in kwath with the bacopa powder.