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My name is Shivaar Singh (25). I am a full-time correspondence university student (BA Environmental Management) as well as an administrator for a professional senior architectural technologist at my part time job. As one can imagine it is not an easy thing to make time to study and work at the same time with the amount of information needed in both these reasonably different fields. There is a lot of stress and anxiety on both ends as well as information and detailing. MemorX has been an ideal blessing for me since it has helped me deal with memory retention for the amount of information I take in as well as relieving me of stress and anxiety that both of these aspects of my life bring. Being focused and being “on the ball” is key especially when it comes to assignments and exam dates for my studies as well as meetings and council runs for my work with the amount of people and different projects that I work with. Its is important to be in the right frame of mind and MemorX has delivered results for me. Another great thing about it is that I don’t have to worry about any side effects with my daily medication for Thalassemia since it’s herbal and made from environmentally sustainable ingredients which is a bonus considering my field of study!


I was miraculously introduced to MemorX. I am a single mom with 2 kids. One of them is still attending school and is 9 years old. I have been constantly getting complaints from teachers saying that my son is always preoccupied and that he doesn’t pay attention during class time. This was becoming extremely stressful and nothing seemed to have worked. When I was introduced to MemorX, I started him on 2 caps a day. Slowly but surely, I could see that he was concentrating more on his schoolwork than actually running around. I also started taking it myself and found that I was able to cope with things much easier. Alas. The day of receiving my sons final report has arrived. I could not figure how my son had failed the last term and had come back a victor in the finals. All I can say is, if it was not for MemorX, none of this will be possible. MemorX will always be a part of my vitamin cupboard


I am Miguel Kember (31), I am a fitness fanatic, model and personal trainer. I work at various gyms and have many clients daily who want to begin their fitness journey. I work with a lot of people daily, with different needs, wants and thresholds. I take MemorX not only to remember my clients’ names and times but to keep my mental health as active as my body. With mental health comes concentration, co-ordination, response to flexibility and less stress and that is exactly how MemorX assists me in my daily fitness routine. My profession requires me to always be alert and focused as I am working daily with different kinds of people. I need to recall their profiles (what we did last week, what are they goals, what are their fears or strengths, medical conditions) as I cannot afford to mix up details of my clients. MemorX assists me to remember and recall.


My name is Tiffany Ann Smink (25) I am currently a care giver in London UK, I have been here for the past 4 months. I was not the brightest or best in school as I had my own struggles with concentration and mental fatigue, however I managed to get by and pass my matric which was an achievement for me. I started taking MemorX as an aid to assist me for my studies to be a care giver and I have noticed great results as I am able to concentrate longer, and I do not get tired that easily when studying. I am also more active in my career as I am on my feet daily caring for the elderly. With my profession I should have patience, be energetic and be able to concentrate with regards to the patients needs and health care. MemorX has truly assisted me in these qualities and each day, I love my job even more. Since I have been to London my mother or whichever family comes up, I always ask them to bring me a few boxes of the MemorX because it is become my lifestyle and I need it daily. I hope the product can one day be an international one as I work with the elderly and I know MemorX could assist them in terms of age associated impairments. It is a great product and anyone at any age and stage of their life should be using the product.


My name is Ngcebo Mnyandu (23) I was a student at UKZN Howard College studying a Bachelor of Social Sciences in Management and Politics. Studying politics comes with a lot of reading and comprehension, having said this most modules in universities are filled with absorbent information. The long hours and countless discussions in lectures or seminars had me feeling very lethargic and I would lose concentration very easily. Most students in UKZN would have Redbull, Monster or Reboost in their hands to gain energy or stay up in class but I never wanted to start taking those products as I knew how dangerous they could be. When I was introduced to MemorX I felt a change in my train of thought, in my concentration, I finally did not feel like sleeping 40 minutes into my lecture. I was eager to take notes, interact and really get into the lecturers because I stayed up and could grasped almost everything. The best part of it all I did not have to result in taking those deadly products. My mother was very sceptical of me buying the product, as any African mother would say “just study a little harder”, however I was really determined to try anything to help assist me in my studies. I am glad I did find it cause now I cannot be without my MemorX.


I am a businesswoman who runs my own salon. I find it extremely stressful as I find myself working from 8am and during festive times finishing at 10pm. Now that I have entered my 50’s, I have found that my memory is not as it used to be. I deal with cash on a daily basis and found that I was forgetting were I left it. That is when knew I definitely had a problem. So, I decided to google things for memory enhancing there was a lot of products in the market but what caught my attention was the colour of the box(yellow) which is my favourite. So, I went onto the Memorx website and started researching the product. I was so amazed with the intense information and the testimonies that I could identify with. With all the reading that I have done, I was convinced that this product was for me. In a month of taking MemorX, I found a burst of energy that I hadn’t had in years. My customers were actually complimenting me on how rejuvenated and how happy I looked. My memory was getting much better as the till was balancing at the end of the day. I must say I didn’t expect a 100% herbal product to work in this way, but I do stand corrected. It works wonders. Together with some healthy eating habits, exercise and not forgetting the MemorX, my life as done a 360 for the positive. I will recommend this to older people as well as kids as it has changed my life drastically.


Hi my name is Krishan. I was adopted when I was just a baby. The family that I have are very kind and loving to me.  I am 11 years old and in grade 7. Mum says I am very smart but still she decided to put me on to a product called MemorX. Apparently, it was for memory, concentration, focus and lots of other stuff. So, I asked mum, if you say I’m smart, why should I take this. Her response was, well my boy you are smart now but has you get older your memory and concentration will not be has good as it is now. She said everyone takes a multi vitamin for their body, but no one focuses on their brain. So, she says now I have the best of both. I started taking the syrup and it was very yummy. 1 tbsp twice a day worked magic. I felt the difference in less than 2 weeks. I could concentrate for longer periods of times, plus my essays with my newfound visualisation was much better and my marks actually increased there. Mum is super happy and I’m just grateful that I have a mum that wants the best for me always. Oh, and I also tell all my friends about it and they now want some for themselves.


When I first heard about MemorX I tried it as joke, After two weeks of use I have found my concentration to be sharper, my recalling has improved and I found focusing on something much easier. My skin has become radiant and I feel less stressed in my Job.

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Dr N

I am a medical doctor and have been experimenting with MemoRx on myself, my family and my patients and have found it to be very effective in especially improving the memory as well as retention and recall. I also run a drug and alcohol rehabilitation center & found MemoRx to have a very calming effect on parents in that it reduces anxiety and stress as well as mental fatigue. I would strongly recommend MemoRx for children as well as adults in all walks of life.


My journey with this amazing product called MemorX, began last year august 2018. I am a 40-year-old mom, housewife as well as a career driven woman, who works for a large manufacturing company. Working for a stressful environment that demands 10 to 15 hours of my day, can be mentally and physically draining. My job is extremely stressful with tight deadlines to meet. I manage a group of 10 men and that is an addition to my stress levels. I felt fatigued and suffered with insomnia. I felt so helpless and thought I was almost losing my mind, when I was introduced to MemorX. Within a month of consuming 2 pills every morning, I became more energetic, vibrant and less stressed. I am much more alert at work and found a new lease on life at work and at home. I had more time to spend with my 2 daughters and play sports with them. My insomnia is no more, and I am mentally and physically alert. I do not feel weighed down anymore. I also introduced MemorX to my kids and instantly found that the next term their grades improved. My dad had major epileptic seizures over a period of time in the last year. A month ago, I started him on MemorX. 1 capsule 3 x a day. Amazing results. His memory has improved unbelievably.

Thank you to MemorX. You have worked wonders for my family. Strongly recommended!



MemoRx is a fantastic and highly potent product. I have tried other vitamins/products, this is by far the very best! I’ve been taking this product for almost a year, I would highly recommend it especially for students as a focusing tool and memory enhancer! I have noticed an improvement in my ability to focus and memory…Would give it a try if I were you!


I am in grade 9, I used to feel tired at school and often found it difficult to concentrate. After the first week of taking MemorX I felt little difference but after two weeks I was always alert, my concentration improved and I finished my work quickly. I am on my second bottle and am eagerly waiting to write the term tests.



I would like to give you my feedback on how fantastic MemoRx has been for my son. My son is seven years old and in grade one. He has been taking MemoRx since February this year and we have noticed an amazing change in his memory, concentration, coordination, level of anxiety has been reduced, his hand writing has improved and overall he has become a happier more content little boy. I would definitely recommend MemoRx.

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Professor E.M

I was introduced to MemoRx by a friend three months ago. Being 57 and working mentally most of the time because of my research and consultancy work, I saw myself forgetting things, misplacing documents and feeling my memory failing me time and time again. I took up good gym training, walking and the usual things that doctors suggested. Physically and mentally the exercise had a good effect on my health and stamina, but my memory lapses continued. MemoRx made an immense difference to my mental and memory re-­booting and I feel completely revitalised. It’s a part of my everyday routine now. It makes a significant difference to my life.


I am studying Human Resource Management by correspondence and I am a receptionist. MemorX has had an amazing impact on my physical and mental well being. My energy level have improved as well as my memory especially after a hard days work. I have definitely noticed a difference. Thanks to MemorX.