A distraught young Michael, only 6 years old leaves the school ground with his even more distraught mother. The school has complained again about Michael’s hyperactivity and his poor performance and concentration in class. Today was the limit as Michael’s lack of focus and mental agitation became overwhelming for his teacher. They believe he has ADD or ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder).

Sixty year old Margaret tearfully looks at her daughter who is reprimanding her yet again. Margaret cannot help herself – her memory is progressively failing and she is experiencing early senility.

Sivi is a high powered IT engineer who manages a whole division of his company. The past few months have been exceptionally stressful for him as the numerous responsibilities and tasks arising from his demanding job takes its toll on his concentration, mental endurance and focus – he is becoming moody and irritable and is snapping at his colleagues.

Morgan runs his own businesses and the numerous details he has to deal with everyday and the financial pressures are causing him to become forgetful and moody and he has lost the passion and enthusiasm for his work.

Susan is a student at University in her final year of a law degree. The long hours of study, assignments and tutorials are beating her down. She is just so nervous that her “stress” might be her downfall in her upcoming exam.

Lindiwe is writing her matric this year. She is pressurized by the volume of work she has to study and accomplish to pass this critical exam in her life. She is mentally tired and is struggling with her memory, focus, mental endurance and cannot sleep well at night. She is becoming stressed and is showing signs of depression.

The brain in each of these challenged people is struggling to cope. The numerous complex processes that we take so much for granted in our everyday life can become compromised for many reasons. Failing mental performance is today a real epidemic, as life’s challenges become more demanding.

Thankfully, nature has created the solution to help us recover rapidly and even improve our mental performance. The power of five herbs that have been in continuous use over the past 5000 years have once again been harnessed and brought to the rescue of a severely challenged mankind.

MEMORX is a skillfully blended group of herbs renowned for their mental performance enhancing abilities. Each of the herbs in this amazing formula, have over thousands of years, proven to be precise enhancers of various facets of mental function. Modern biochemistry is now corroborating the wisdom of using these herbs, by identifying some of the critical components of the herbs and what they do in the human brain.

Bacopa monnieri, Withania somnifera, Evolvulus alsinoides, Glycyrrhiza glabra and Mrystica fragrans are the 5 herbs in the quality of life changing formula, MEMORX.

Bacopa monnieri is a most powerful herb that contains Bacosides A and B which induce Nitric Oxide (NO) production in the brain. Nitric Oxide improves the circulation and oxygen delivery to the brain and also helps the brain to make greater numbers of inter-neural connections. This herb is known for its memory enhancing effects. The herb may also assist in increasing intelligence, promotes mental endurance and promotes the processing capacity of the brain. Ancient medical texts describe how this herb has the capacity to repair damaged areas of the brain – a claim now being seen in modern clinical use in stroke victims.

Withania somnifera contains withanolides which enable the brain to recover from stress  more rapidly and well as inducing an anti-anxiety effect. This herb is deemed to be a tonic for the brain as well as an immune enhancer. It reduces mental fatigue and improves mental endurance and is said to make the mind more insightful and balanced.

Evolvulus alsinoides is a remarkable herb best known for its anti-depressant effect and well as its “intellect promoting capacity”. This herb may be considered a brain tonic – a rejuvenator of the brain and mind and also assists in promoting the discriminating capacity of the intellect. This herb has potent anti-anxiety effects and has had remarkable benefit to those experiencing panic attacks and panic disorders. Evolvulus also improves the mood of the user.

Glycyrrhiza glabra (also known commonly as licorice) has long been regarded worldwide as an efficient brain tonic and revitalizer – especially during time of moderate to severe stress. It is known to maintain a calming and relaxing effect as well as improving the circulation to the nervous system. It also normalizes the blood sugar levels.

Mrystica fragrans (Nutmeg) calms down the overworked brain and reduces mental agitation  and distraction. It promotes a gentle alertness in the mind without sedation.

The manufacturing process used in harvesting the power of these phenomenal herbs uses an ancient technique of concentrating the herbs, then adding the concentrate powder or solution to the mother herb, thereby improving the efficacy and effect of the formula. This unique processing is time demanding but is used meticulously in the manufacture of MEMORX.

The herbs are all wild crafted (they are picked from the wild and have no pesticides or herbicides used in their growing). Quality control of the herbs is achieved through modern biochemical identification processes known as thin layer chromatography. Only herbs with identifiable components above a certain accepted level of quality are selected and used in the manufacturing process.

MEMORX is available in a liquid syrup form as well as a capsule form. The formulas is 100% free of animal products, is 100% natural and has 0% alcohol.

MEMORX is regarded as a herbal food supplement can be used to assist improvement in concentration, memory retention and recall. It may also reduce mental fatigue, anxiety and stress.

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