0% Alcohol | 0% Animal Product  |100% Vegetarian | 100% Natural SUITABLE FOR ALL 6Years – Older | Nappi Coded

Some benefits that may arise when the synergistic formula, MemorX is used on a consistent basis:

  •  Improved clarity of thinking

  •  More sustained mental endurance

  •  Improved memory

  •  Improved recall

  •  Sustained and intense ability to focus

  •  Reduced anxiety

  •  Longer periods of feeling happy

  •  Improved imagination and ability to visualize

  •  Better and deeper rejuvenating sleep

  • Noticeable feeling of calm and peace

  • Improved learning ability

  • Improved brain circulation and oxygenation (experienced as a distinct mental freshness

  • Releases nitric oxide in the brain which enables more neuronal connections to be made in the brain (neuroplasticity of the brain)

  • Improved speed of processing in the brain/mind

  • Improved mental alertness

Ways in which MemorX assists with Brain & Mental Health