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MemorX is a herbal food supplement that can be used to assist with concentration, memory retention and recall. It may also reduce mental fatigue, anxiety, low mood and stress. It is a skilfully blended group of herbs renowned for their mental performance enhancing abilities. Each of the herbs in this amazing formula, have over thousands of years, proven to be precise enhancers of various facets of mental function. Modern biochemistry has now identified some of these herb’s critical components of the herbs and what they do in the human brain.

Role of herbs

1. Bacopa Monnieri which induces nitric oxide production, assists in improving circulation and oxygen delivery to the brain. This herb is known for its memory-enhancing effects, improves focus and concentration and speed up information processing.

2. Withania Somnifera contains withanolides, which help brain to swiftly recover from stress. It has an anti-anxiety effect and improves mental endurance.

3. Evolvulus Alsinoides is a remarkable herb best known for its antidepressant effect and its intellect-promoting capacity. This herb may be considered a brain rejuvenator , has potent anti-anxiety effects and has had remarkable benefits for those with panic disorders.

4. Glycyrrhiza Glabra is regarded worldwide as an efficient brain tonic and revitaliser, especially during periods of stress. It may also normalise the blood-sugar levels.

5. Mrystica Fragrans assists in calming down the overworked brain and may reduce mental agitation and distraction. It promotes a gentle alertness in the mind without sedation.

What is unique about MemorX, compared to other herbal production is that the herb’s power is enhanced by a double process of firstly developing a concentrate of the respective herb and then adding this concentrate to the mother herb in order to improve its efficacy. The herbs are all wild-crafted (picked from the wild without the us of pesticides or herbicides). Quality control of the herbs is achieved through modern biochemical identification processes known as thin-layer chromatography.

MemorX is available in liquid syrup, tablet and a capsule form. The formulas are natural, free from animal products and contain no alcohol. Diabetics should use the capsules or tablets rather than the syrup. NB: Capsule sleeve is 100% vegetable.


This “X Factor” is the unique, synergistic combination of these high quality controlled, 5 herbs and the significant and unique processing  system of them so that they have greater value and impact on the brain.

As shown below MemorX is a memory enhancing food supplement made up  of the combination of the 5 herbs (shown as 1-5 in the  green circle ). The name of each herb is in (Black) and its function is in(red) Note that each of these herbs have specific individual values and can be used on their own for a specific purpose. The Green info within the orange circle are the important “PLUS POINTS” associated with MemorX.