0% Alcohol | 0% Animal Product  |100% Vegetarian | 100% Natural SUITABLE FOR ALL 6Years – Older | Nappi Coded

About MemorX

MemorX is a herbal food supplement that can be used to assist with concentration, memory retention and recall. It may also reduce mental fatigue, anxiety, low mood and stress. It is a skilfully blended combination of herbs renowned for their ability to enhance mental performance. Each of the herbs in this formula have been used over thousands of years. Modern biochemistry has now identified some of these herbs critical components and what they do in the human brain… read more

  • Assists in Improving Memory Retention & Recall

    Memory loss is natural with age, so is the solution, which is MemorX, as it is 100% natural.

  • Assists in Reducing Mental Fatigue

    MemorX assists the tired brain especially after stressful and restless episodes and when extensive demands are made on the brain.

  • Assists in Improving Concentration

    MemorX gradually increases the strength of your focus through consistent and timely use.

  • Assists in Reducing Anxiety and Stress

    MemorX has anti-stress and anti-anxiety effects, which helps  the mind become more insightful and balanced under stressful conditions.